Guard Tour Patrol Security System
Guard Tour Patrol Security System WM5000v5
Drive-Free Magnetic USB Magnetic Cable, Low Wear Rate, More Durable, No Download Station, Drive-Free, Data upload Speed Increased by 30%
Touch Ibutton Guard Tour Patrol
Touch Ibutton Guard Tour Patrol
Never Worry About Forgetting to Patrol Added the Function of Alarm Clock,200 Groups Alarm Clock Helps Security Guards Work on Duty
Fingerprint Guard Tour System
Fingerprint authentication, let patrolling irreplaceable, scientific management of your staff.
Watchman Clocking System
GPS Tracking Watchman Clocking System
GPS RFID Real Time Guard Tour System GPS+RFID, it can work at different places. No matter in the buildings or open outdoors
Android Intelligent Checking
Android Intelligent Checking
A guard tour patrol mobile with professional APP. The android 8.1 operating system with quad-core processors, stable and reliable performance
Patrol Security Guard APP
Security Guard App
allows multiple types(NFC/BLE/QR-Code/GPS), choose your favourite reading types and collect data. Make patrol from now on efficient and quick